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avatar kwia_T88: you have information about when will recruitment to the PSP kam.pom.

avatar leon123: Hi, I have a question whether Nabor will be held this year to guard? Advance thanks.

avatar xmajkelxd: Hello, this year will be recruited to the State Fire Service?

avatar Stanislaw: Of course I mean the establishment of d-months. Once again I greet.

avatar Stanislav: When will the commander JRG. I warmly greet you.

avatar AndrzejQ11: I have a question maybe someone has questions on the examination of the theories which will be on Saturday? Please send to

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Accident on the provincial road Świerzno-Gryfice

On 02/19/2013, at 08.14, the duty of the District Command Centre PSP in Kamien Pomorski received a report of a traffic accident on the provincial road 105 for Stuchowem towards Gryfice.Z information showed that a car hit a tree, and as a consequence were injured 3 osoby.Na place of the event disposition of 2 legions of JRG Kamien Pomorski 1 host with the TSO Świerzno (KSRG) and 1 KPPSP host of Kamien Pomorski, together with the operations officer of the county. Upon arrival at the scene the first ranks of the SP control measures confirmed the information that the car hit a tree and there are victims that are outside auta.Na site was already present Medical Rescue Team, who assisted victims (one person was transported to the hospital by ZRM in Kamien Pomorski). In the course of hedging activities incident took place on the same stretch of road but in the opposite direction to the next event involving a truck carrying drzewo.Kierowca truck going uphill on a bend of the road he saw run emergency services on the road and trying to avoid collisions began to brake and the same for very slippery conditions skidded, resulting strike was set in drzewo.Natychmiast on command KDR been regrouped forces and resources and to assist people with a truck started 2 legions of JRG Stone Pomorski.Na lucky 2 people traveling by truck do not have had obrażeń.Działania SP consisted in securing the scene, the batteries are disconnected in two damaged vehicles and neutralized the fluids that leaked from the truck.

In place of the second truck arrived with HDS, reloaded with a damaged car and a tree truck towed from place wypadku.Działania completed.

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